As humans, we are governed by being imperfect, and since perfection doesn’t have a precise definition, especially in a world of diversities… we don’t have to seek perfection in order to fit in, but simply accept each other’s flaws. AZ



She sat at the windowsill, wrapping herself with a soft mahogany shawl. And the warm hypnotizing scent of coffee began to fly lethargically through her nostrils.

She gazed eagerly through the window at the dewed night dome, where her sight started wandering delicately and deliberately, to gather every drop of happiness, nature offered. 

Stars sparkled, and their brightness was accentuated by the amiable darkness of the sky that night.

She admired the peace embraced by the plain blackness. And there was something delightful about the tranquility of the night, she pondered.

It spoke her thoughts, yes! it did, fondled with its deafening silence, the gloomy folds of her mind, and touched with its serenity the quavering bits of her heart,  filled her eyes with genial darkness, and awakened a decent smile on her scarlet lips. AZ



It’s like our dreams pass through daily filters… that would make us rethink our choices, and would bring many questions to life.

What should we pursue? and what should we simply let go off?!.

Filters arise, because life never fails to surprise us, life always throws at us endless possibilities… and whether we direct those towards our goals or not depends on countless factors… whether we seize or avoid those opportunities is up to us…

And the world is changing at a very fast rate. It is a struggle to remain intact, because in order to blend in, we have to have a degree of flexibility… in other words, to bend a little, and “a little”!, that’s simply because we are governed by the our own filters, those we apply to ourselves, and whatever is under our control.

So, we customize our lives and life also customizes our choices… but the trick is to employ these filters -when we can- for our own benefits. AZ